Be your own corrugated cardboard box manufacturer

With a custom cardboard box solution from Packsize, the best box manufacturer is you.

Make only the boxes you need

Fulfilling orders quickly and efficiently is a top priority in today’s growing e-commerce market. By using a custom packaging system with a corrugated box-making machine, you can keep up with demand by right-sizing each order—eliminating the need to manage a pre-made box inventory.

A custom cardboard box-making system from Packsize makes right-sized boxes for each order, replacing outdated store-and-retrieve stock box methods. Simply enter your product dimensions into the Packsize On Demand Packaging® system and our proprietary z-Fold® corrugated cardboard will be fed into the machine and cut into a right-sized box.

With custom packaging solutions for a wide range of industries, you no longer need a corrugated packaging company. With Right-sized Packaging on Demand®, you can create your own custom size cardboard boxes as they are needed and become your own cardboard box manufacturer.

Cut down on material costs and DIM weight charges

E-commerce remains at an all time high, causing a shipping crisis that has driven packaging materials and shipping prices higher than ever. As a result of this increased demand, as well as record wood prices, a shortage of shipping containers, and skyrocketing shipping costs, cardboard boxes have never been in more demand or more expensive.

Smaller boxes equal larger savings. By right-sizing your boxes, you use less corrugated than with pre-sized boxes, significantly saving on materials costs and dimensional weight (DIM) charges. By removing the air in the box, you reduce the box size, often by as much or more than 40%. This translates to 60% less void fill, and a 26% reduction in corrugated.

Packsize has worldwide access to the highest quality and variety of z-Fold corrugated cardboard, eliminating the ever-increasing challenge of purchasing corrugated fiberboard from backlogged cardboard box manufacturers. A custom-size cardboard box produced by a Packsize On Demand Packaging system is also made of 97% recyclable material, reducing the carbon footprint of the shipping industry and making your packaging process more eco-friendly.

With corrugated materials and shipping prices expected to head even higher, let Packsize help you save money and become your own custom box manufacturer with Right-sized Packaging on Demand.

26 %

reduction in corrugated use

DIM savings making smaller packaging for box packaging design

A win for everyone

Most businesses strive to achieve more sustainable practices. As consumers, we are also drawn to smarter packaging with less waste. Packsize takes pride in its sustainable packaging solutions that provide environmental, customer satisfaction, and cost saving benefits—one box at a time.

The environment says thank you

Using less corrugated and unsustainable void fillers means using fewer trees. By cutting down on package sizes, you will also be able to fit more shipments on a truck, which cuts down on CO 2 emissions.

Increase customer satisfaction

An On Demand Packaging solution will simplify your workflow and get your product to your customer faster. Eliminating extra space in your packages decreases the risk of shipping damages. Outdated cardboard box manufacturers cannot provide the custom solutions or environmental benefits that Packsize delivers.

Save your company money

Packsize eliminates the need for a large box inventory, freeing up valuable warehouse space to store products instead of boxes. With a full diagnostic approach, we can find the best possible solution for your packaging operation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using right-sized custom cardboard boxes?

Custom cardboard boxes deliver remarkable benefits that can help your business to thrive, including:

  • Custom cardboard boxes secure and protect products that are shipped.
  • They save you money by reducing labor, packaging, shipping, storage/warehouse costs, and customer returns, thereby increasing efficiency.
  • They reduce waste and promote sustainability.
  • Right-sized custom cardboard boxes can elevate your brand stature.
  • They improve customer satisfaction which can lead to increased sales.
How do right-sized custom cardboard boxes protect your products during shipping?

Custom corrugated cardboard boxes are constructed of densely packed layers of strong and durable paper, offering a powerful safeguard against the perils of transport–protecting from bumps, dirt, and moisture. In addition, custom cardboard boxes securely house your contents in a box tailored just to their size, preventing unwanted movement that could cause damage to the contents. This keeps everything safe and in place, traveling from point A to B.

How can custom cardboard boxes help your business reduce labor costs?

Right-sizing boxes lessens the time it takes to assemble, label, and pack boxes by staff members– eliminating unnecessary labor hours and associated production and labor costs. In addition, custom cardboard boxes help companies save substantially during the peak holiday season when in the past, many companies hired temporary workers to keep up with shipping demand.

How do custom cardboard boxes help businesses reduce packaging material costs?

By producing boxes in the exact size needed for a given product, the amount of corrugated packing material is significantly reduced and, in some cases, eliminated.

Not only that, a right-sized custom box fits precisely and snugly around the products instead of being too large or too small. Not only does this eliminate unnecessary costs by reducing the amount of filler materials (air pillows or bubble wrap) used, but it also minimizes storage space and shipping costs.

How do custom cardboard boxes reduce your shipping costs?

Right-sized packaging optimizes freight and weight dimensions, allowing for more efficient transport and reducing shipping costs.

In what way do custom cardboard boxes help businesses reduce waste?

Precisely measuring the contents of an order and designing a box around those dimensions reduces wasted space and eliminates the need for additional materials to fill the gaps. In addition, smaller boxes take up less storage space and require fewer trucks for shipping which cuts down on carbon emissions.

Can custom cardboard boxes help businesses improve their branding?

Yes. Custom cardboard boxes are a powerful tool for companies that want to make an impression on their customers by enhancing their brand’s visibility and perceived value.

By right-sizing the boxes, companies can better craft an experience tailored to the customer while increasing efficiency and cost savings.

Custom boxes give the customer a more distinctive, unboxing experience and allow business owners to customize branding elements such as logos and colors that reflect the company’s identity. A feature that generic packaging simply cannot provide.

How can custom cardboard boxes help businesses improve their customer satisfaction?

Customized cardboard boxes are the perfect way to ensure the safe transport of your products, thus reducing damaged shipments and complaints from dissatisfied customers. Furthermore, they provide an excellent opportunity to promote your brand while conveying your commitment to a greener planet.

The great thing about custom boxes is that they require less material, with more accurate production measurements, making them cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Ultimately, businesses that use custom cardboard boxes can expect higher customer service ratings and loyalty, making custom cardboard boxes a sound investment for short-term and long-term success.

How do custom cardboard boxes help to improve sustainability?

Right-sizing your corrugated cardboard shipping boxes is a great way to help promote sustainability and reduce environmental impact. This process involves assessing and customizing each cardboard box according to the required size for each product you are packaging. Doing so can help reduce the amount of material needed in production, helping conserve natural resources and create a more eco-friendly approach.

How can I find the right custom cardboard box for my needs?

At Packsize, the box is just the beginning. We revolutionize the way businesses approach packaging. Our tailored packaging solutions are designed to reduce waste, save money and improve customer product delivery – transforming your packing process into something greener and more efficient than ever! Contact us today for right-sized custom cardboard box solutions for your business.

See how your company can benefit from right-sized custom boxes.