Custom printed shipping boxes from Packsize

Customize your first impression and brand the outside of your shipping boxes with Packsize.

Deliver a complete brand experience

The box your product arrives in is the first impression you leave with your customers. For too many companies, that box is plain and brown. With custom-printed boxes from Packsize, you can add personality to your corrugated packaging , while increasing brand visibility and awareness. It might not seem like much, but your customers will notice and appreciate these details as part of their unboxing experience. In fact, a 2022 consumer survey revealed that 18% of consumers are more likely to repeat purchase from businesses with branded packaging. Stand out from the pack with our custom-print boxes .

custom printed boxes

Promote your brand from the outside in

With Packsize custom cardboard boxes , your brand name, logo, and message can be displayed on every side of the box — even on the inside. This gives you the ability to create the custom box design that you want. This process requires minimal effort and provides your customers with a unique unboxing experience. Our user-friendly box design software makes it easy to customize your packages in house using our machine systems. To top it all off, Packsize also offers custom-printed tape to effortlessly transform any ordinary box into an attractive, branded package.

Deliver specialized messages on all custom printed shipping boxes with the M1 ®

The benefits of on demand printing go well beyond branding with custom-printed boxes . This technology also gives you the ability to save on label and pre-made box print costs. Our M1 On Demand Packaging® system improves overall packaging operations through speed, reliability, and advanced functionality — including an on-board printer. The M1 can print markings up to two inches wide with resolutions from 75 to 300 dpi. Our custom product packaging solutions save time, money, and resources so you can take your business to the next level.

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These businesses benefit from Packsize custom-printed boxes.

custom product packaging center

A better customer experience, improved supply chain sustainability, and efficiency with every shipment.

box making machine

DecoPac needed a solution that allowed them to ship higher volumes of custom sized boxes without hiring huge numbers of new employees.

box packaging design

MityLite chose Packsize solutions to improve lead times and increase throughput.

Consider the possibilities with Packsize custom-printed boxes.

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